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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How To Set Up A Paypal Account

There are so many people using Ebay these days that we can't ignore the market potential! For those of you who wan't to join Ebay, you need to understand Paypal, this post deals with everything related to paypal and how ebay works to keep their customers safe when shopping from ebay. Paypal is not just limited to ebay, it has become one of the most popular checkout feature on many online retailers.

By Zaber Ahmed

What is PayPal and How do you Set up an Account?

PayPal is a checkout feature that allows you to pay for items you have won on eBay or elsewhere online using your own bank account, credit card, or debit card. PayPal conceals the numbers of your accounts so the merchants or other users cannot access your accounts. PayPal allows a quicker, smoother way to pay for your transactions. Use your Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express credit card safely, and be insured for all of your purchases. Or, use your bank account and never reveal any of your sensitive banking information to merchants.

Here you can learn how to easily set up a PayPal account, with easy step by step tips to get you going quick, whether for a business or personal account.

Why not just use my credit card or bank account?

PayPal is the safe way to shop online

The majority of merchants on eBay do not accept anything but PayPal for a number of reasons. First, it protects both the seller and the buyer through its fraud prevention tactics. Second, for the buyer, it is much safer since a password must be provided to log into your PayPal account instead of just typing the credit card or bank account numbers into a website. This assures you that you have an extra layer of protection.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

PayPal Links

All of these links are completely safe, read how to set up your PayPal account here!
PayPal is the most secure way to pay online.
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Phishing Emails
What's phishing? It's a scam that you should know about! Read here.
How to pay for your eBay items
Buying on eBay couldn't be easier. Just follow these 4 steps!
How to buy on eBay
Easy videos and audio that will teach you how to buy on eBay!

Is PayPal Trustworthy?

Everyone should have a PayPal account!

Yes, they are the leading online checkout site and very trusted globally. You'll notice millions of sellers accept PayPal as their preferred form of payment. You'll be protected if the item you pay for is never shipped, and in some instances, you'll be covered under the PayPal Protection Policy if the item is significantly not as described.

How do I set up an account?

Simple steps on setting up a PayPal account quick!

First off, open a new browser and type into the browser or use the banner link above). Click the link at the top of the page that reads "sign up." If you wish to just purchase and not sell with your PayPal account, click the "personal account" for online shoppers. Next, you will be prompted to type in your personal information. This is completely secure. Choose a password that is difficult for others to guess, even family. Keep this written down in a secure, hidden place. Choose a security question you find others may have difficulty guessing as well.

You will then be instructed to add your credit card information or bank account information. They may also ask for the security code on your credit card. The security code is the 3-digit number on the back of the card for Discover, Visa, or Mastercard. For American Express, the code will be 4 digits, above the 16 digit account number on the right side.

Confirming your Address

A precaution PayPal enforces to make sure you are who you say you are!

It is also important that you confirm your shipping address with PayPal. When moving to a new location, remember to change and confirm this address. To confirm, log into your PayPal account. Access your profile, then change or confirm the street address that is shown. To do this, simply click "profile" then click "street address." Make sure your credit card billing address is the one shown. If not, you can add the address there.

To link your PayPal address to your eBay address book, log into your eBay account. Click the "addresses" link on the left side of the page. Click the "View all shipping addresses" link. Make sure you have linked your address book to your PayPal account. If you see an "add paypal address" button, your account is not linked. Click this button to link the two. Once this button is clicked, you will be able to select your registered PayPal credit card billing address as your shipping address. You can also choose to "make primary" to ensure all of your purchases will automatically be shipped to this address.

Paying for your eBay items

Using PayPal is the best way to pay for your eBay stuff

To pay for your eBay items that you have won, simply log into your eBay account and head to your "won" items. Each unpaid item will have a "pay now" button next to the item. Click this button and you will securely head over to PayPal. It will ask you to log into your account. From there, you can pay using your bank account, or to change your payment information to a credit card payment, click "change funding source." Choose the credit card you would like to use for the transaction. Then, click yes, and pay. Make sure your address is the correct one to ship to, and you're done! Check with the seller to see when they ship. Most of the time you can find this information in the eBay listing.

What if I haven't received my item?

Contact the seller!

First, click to see if the seller has emailed you regarding shipping. They will usually tell you how long the item will take to ship, or when they have shipped the item. Keep in mind how long the shipping service takes that was chosen. If the item has not yet arrived and you expected it to, email the seller through eBay (click "contact the seller" next to the item you have won) and ask. They should be more than happy to tell you!

What if the seller has not responded to my emails?

Give adequate time, then contact eBay and/or PayPal

Give the seller reasonable time to answer your email.

24 hours is usually standard for emails. Check to see if the seller is on vacation as well (usually their store will indicate this). Always wait to leave feedback as well, since most disagreements can be resolved through a little communication. If the seller has not responded after 48 hours and the item should have arrived, you should start an "item not received" dispute through PayPal. Go to the help page at PayPal, and search for the information there. You will find easy to follow instructions on what to do in this instance. This is a rare occurance, however, and most eBay sellers are kind, courteous and trustworthy. Check their feedback to find out the most you can before bidding!

Don't fall for Phishing Emails!

PayPal phishing scams are rampant!

Phishing is very prevelant. This is when scammers try to lure you into logging into your PayPal account through an email sent to you directly, most often with "PayPal" being somewhere in the sender's email address or name. The message will often lead you to believe that your account has been compromised, that you need to enter your log in details as a security precaution, or something similar. The page will even have the official PayPal logo and look very official. Simply do not respond to these emails and NEVER log into your PayPal account (or eBay account for that matter) through an email! You can either delete these emails or report them to PayPal. The best way to avoid a phishing scam is to not respond to any PayPal email. Log into your own account directly by typing Paypal dot com into your browser if you have any doubts!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Need more eBay Help?

If you're having some difficulty telling whether an item on eBay is authentic or a big old fake, check this lens out for some information that might help you out.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Best FREE BlackBerry Apps


             Where to find great BlackBerry Apps (for free)

Your BlackBerry is a mighty fine piece of machinery.

It does everything you want it to and more, right? Not quite! You can install 'BlackBerry Apps' onto your handset and make your BlackBerry do even more!

Here is a collection of some of the free BlackBerry Apps available to download.

Know of some great apps not included?
Leave a comment.
By Zaber Ahmed

Facebook For BlackBerry

Get Facebook on your BlackBerry

Facebook for BlackBerry is exactly that. A facebook application that sits on your home screen and links you up with all the latest happenings on facebook.

You get all your alerts in the facebook application just as if you were sat at your computer, and in many ways it's all a lot easier to manage.

Since I installed this, people are amazed at how I 'always seem to be on Facebook!'

That's the whole point ;-)

This BlackBerry app was made by RIM.

To download it,
click here

MySpace for BlackBerry

If you are a MySpace fanatic you're going to love this one.

MySpace For BlackBerry is an application created by RIM, and is a MySpacers dream.

You get to:

  • access all your MySpace mail (sending and receiving)

  • view and send bulletins

  • add comments

  • view friend's photos

  • update your mood and status

  • upload your own photos (straight from the camera!)

  • Any new messages or comments you get will make your BlackBerry beep just like when you get an email, and a little MySpace logo will show up along the top bar just under the clock. So you'll have MySpace tightly woven into your BlackBerry!

    If that sounds irresistable to you then you can download the app by clicking here.

    Flickr for BlackBerry

    Like the Facebook and MySpace applications, this BlackBerry app was built by RIM. So it integrates tightly with your BlackBerry software.

    When you snap a photo of a smiling friend, you will now have the option of uploading it to Flickr.

    You can add titles, descriptions, and even geo-tag your image if you have a GPS-enabled BlackBerry.

    To download it, click here


    iTookThisOnMyPhone is a really great app that works silently in the background, uploading your photos to a web storage system.

    You can set the app to automatically upload all your photos and videos to your online account, then delete them [or not] from your BlackBerry memory. So you'll effectively have unlimited photo space.

    You can also set this app to automatically upload your photos/videos to:

    ...and a couple of others

    I love this app because you can set it to ask you before it uploads anything, if that's what you want, so you only upload the good stuff and delete the bad. That's just how I use it anyway.

    iTookThisOnMyPhone is a really great app. One of the best free apps available. I'm astonished it's free, in fact ;)

    To download iTookThisOnMyPhone, click here

    The Thing To Know About These IM Apps

    The thing about downloading some of these following IM apps is that some carriers don't allow them. Annoying, right? They want you to instead spend lots of money on their SMS charges.

    If you can't install any of these Instant Messaging apps give your carrier a call and ask to speak to the BlackBerry team, and ask them to push the download to you. Make them work with you to install it.

    Some carriers really do suck, but keep pushing them until they do it. It's just a case of unblocking a port that these apps use to connect with [i think].

    But the below links should work first though, for most of you. See how it goes!

    Google Talk for BlackBerry

    If you use Google Talk from your cvomputer then this is the BlackBerry app for you.

    This app is made by RIM, so it all integrates perfectly with your BlackBerry menus and contacts, and you can even set it to sign you in automatically when your BlackBerry turns on. If you use Gtalk, get this app now.

  • It's Free

  • Use all Gtalk emoticons

  • Have multiple chats at one time

  • To download Google Talk for Blackberry, click here

    MSN / Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry

    If you use MSN Messenger to communicate with friends you REALLY need to install this app.

    This app is made by RIM, so it all integrates perfectly with your BlackBerry menus and contacts, and you can even set it to sign you in automatically when your BlackBerry turns on. If you use MSN, get this app now.

  • It's Free

  • Use all MSN emoticons

  • Have multiple chats at one time

  • Oh, did I mention it's free?

  • To download Windows Live Messenger, click here

    AIM for BlackBerry

    If like most Americans you use AIM to communicate with friends then you're in luck. The RIM folks haven't left you out in the cold.

  • It's Free

  • Use all AIM emoticons

  • Have multiple chats at one time

  • You can even set it to sign you in automatically when your BlackBerry turns on, so all your AIM pals with be able to get hold of you whenever and wherever you like.

    To download AIM for BlackBerry, click here

    Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry

    If you're a Yahoo kind of guy/gal then here's your new favorite BlackBerry app.

    Yahoo Messenger will let you stay connected, 24/7, with your Yahoo buddies. They will be overwhelmed with your online presence!

  • It's Free - of course

  • Use all real Yahoo emoticons

  • Have multiple chats at one time

  • To download Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry, click here

    Opera Mini

    The default web browser on your BlackBerry is good. But it's not perfect. It has lots of good points, and lots of bad points. For example, it does not render web pages as fast as you would like and often has trouble showing you a desktop-faithful rendering of the webpage.

    Enter Opera Mini.

    Opera is a 2nd browser you can install on your BlackBerry. You can't set it to be your default browser [so clicking on links in emails will always open the default browser], but Opera will put an icon on your home screen for you to click open whenever you like.

    It won't fully replace your default browser, but it is really fast browsing webpages that would even crash your BlackBerry browser, so it's good to keep this one around.

    To download Opera Mini, click here

    MobiPocket eBook Reader

    Amazon Kindle, Pah! We have our BlackBerry Smartphones!

    Google Maps

    Google Maps BlackBerry App

    The native Maps application on your BlackBerry will either be BlackBerry Maps, or maybe even a map application from your carrier. While these are ok, Google Maps trumps them on nearly all counts.

    More features, satellite images, a tie in to the massive amount of data Google has about the world around you, and even a cool feature to tell you roughly where you are even if you don't have GPS.

    If you have a BlackBerry with an unlimited data plan, you need to install Google Maps. It is a solid application and gets fairly regular updates.

    Here are some good things about it:

    MyLocation - If you don't have a GPS enabled BlackBerry, worry not. Google Maps application can still locate where you are. It 'triangulates' your signal just like they do on 24, and offers you an approximate location which is always pretty damn close.

    Latitude - If you have lots of friends (lucky you) and want to know where they are, just click open the Latitude option. If you have shared your location with your friends then you can see where they are, and they can see where you are. you can pause it at any time, cancel it completely, or leave it going constantly to give your friends a God-like power over you. It's up to you...

    Full Satellite View - Bringing the power of Google Earth and Google Maps to your teeny BlackBerry screen. It's just what you expect, works fast (faster over wifi or 3g), and lets you zoom right in to your house and look at your garden. Always cool.

    Directions - What Map application would be complete without the power to get you to where you want to be? Combined with MyLocation (see above), you'll never get lost again.

    To download Google Maps, click here


    Music App for BlackBerry

    If you have ever heard a song on the radio and wished you could identify it, Shazam is for you.

    Press the Shazam icon, hold your BlackBerry up to the music, and in about 15 seconds it will tell you what the song was, who was singing it, and what album it's on.

    It's worked every time for me, but does have a few limitations. It can't identify live music and doesn't have a link to buy the music just like the iPhone/iTunes version does.

    But I can easily live with those!

    Shazam is really smart and will really impress you.

    To download Shazam, click here


    Music Discovery Radio App For BlackBerry

    Are you a music lover? Can't get enough of what you like? Pandora is for you.

    This Pandora app is your BlackBerry version of the online music project.

    You type in a band you like, or an artist, or a song or album, and it creates for you a station made up of songs jjust for you. It works extremely well, and you'll find yourself listening to it for hooouuurrrsss.

    If you are in America, get Pandora!

    To download Pandora, click here

    Google Mail

    BlackBerry app for Gmail

    If you have a Gmail account, and you DON'T get the emails sent to your BlackBerry like your other emails, then the gmail app is for you. It puts a nice little mail icon on your homescreen, and when you click it open you can access any and all of your gmail accounts in a fast and fancy interface.

    Just like everything Google makes, it is free. And just like almost-everything Google makes, it is a must-have.
    To download Google Mail, click here
    Hope you have benefited from my knowledge. Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to suggest anything else.  

    Wednesday, 15 September 2010

    The best bank accounts for students

    With banks battling for new student customers, choosing the best student account can be tricky. I've dedicated this post to students, because i know how hard it can be coping with finances. Here I will  reveal what you should look for when signing up for a student bank account and also what popular providers are offering.It can be quite complicated when choosing the right bank, so please read and decide for yourself what you should go for.
    If you’re one of the lucky ones who got a place at a University this year, then you’re bound to be over the moon.
    Most of us know someone who’s venturing off to University in a quest to learn both an academic subject and partying skills but before anyone leaves for Uni, they should definitely take time to plan their personal finances.
    After all, those text books don’t come cheap and, believe me, neither do drunken nights out!
    So, if you’re off to Uni in September, the first thing you should do is open a student bank account and I’m going to take you through what you should look for when signing up for one.


    Interest free overdrafts

    Personally, my student account overdraft was a financial lifeline whilst I was at University. The great thing is, most of them are interest free for the duration of your academic course, as long as you stay within the limits set by your provider.
    The use of your overdraft can help you put down a deposit on your student accommodation or help you through the crucial weeks before your student loan comes in.
    Of course, you shouldn’t look at your overdraft as ‘free money’ because sooner or later you’ll have to pay it back, so it’s a good idea to spend only what you need to.
    Before you get out a student bank account, have a good look at the interest free overdraft limit. Some banks, like Santander, offer you a set rate that increases every year, so you gradually get more leeway.Others, like Barclays, only increase your overdraft limit if you apply for each limit increase successfully and this depends on how good your credit rating is.
    Check out the terms and conditions before you sign up, as some providers expect you to deposit a minimum monthly instalment into your current account and if you don’t do this, you could be charged for your overdraft.
    Generally, if you think you’ll need financial helping hand at Uni, my advice is to opt for the biggest guaranteed interest free overdraft, which is currently The co-operative bank’s student account at £2,000 (see table below).
    As long as you’re responsible with your spending, you’ll have money to help you through your time at Uni and you’ll also enjoy an interest-free period throughout your time as a student.
    But beware, overdrafts can be dangerous if you’re irresponsible with them.
    If you go over your overdraft limit without notifying your bank beforehand, you’ll be charged with an unauthorised overdraft charge, which is usually around 20% APR  - but more on that later.


    Breaking the limit

    If you really need to extend your set overdraft limit, some providers will allow you to do this if you ask them directly.
    They will charge an authorised overdraft interest rate however, which varies depending on which provider you’re with.
    It’s best to avoid getting to this stage, as this is how you can rake up big debts. If you don't pay off these debts, it will affect your credit rating, so you’ll find it harder to get credit when you leave University.
    However, the most expensive danger to avoid is if you exceed your overdraft limit without telling your bank.
    If you do this, you will be in the dangerous territory of unauthorised overdrafts.
    This means you will be hit with hefty charges which vary from around £15 per transaction to a jaw dropping £30 per transaction.
    So, you should avoid an unauthorised overdraft at all costs, as this could lead you down the slippery spiral of a financial disaster.


    The run down

    So now you know the ins and outs about student overdrafts, let’s take a look at what the most popular student accounts are offering.
    Provider Account Interest free overdraft Authorised overdraft interest rate (EAR) Other incentives
    Santander Student current account 1st year £1000
    2nd year £1250
    3rd year £1500
    9.9% Mobile, gadget and laptop insurance worth £243.72 each year
    Lloyds TSB Student account First 6 months £500
    7-9 months £1000
    12 months+ £1500
    8.2% Free three year NUS extra card (normally costs £11 per year)
    Three year Three year YHA membership, 40 free downloads from eMusic and free LAVA mini speakers
    Halifax Student current account Immediately- £500, then apply for more when you wish to increase your limit (maximum is £3000) 7.2% Commission free foreign currency and traveller’s cheques, 25% discount on AA break down cover, 20% discount on Card Care card protection insurance
    Barclays Student additions account Immediately- £200 then up to £2000, depending on each application 8.9% Access to deals at Phones 4u (Until Dec 2010)
    HSBC Student bank account 1st year £1000
    2nd year £1250
    3rd year £1500

    * 3% over their base rate
    Two years free Worldwide travel insurance, including winter sports, Free TalkMobile SIM card with £5 preloaded credit.
    NatWest Student current account 1st year £1000
    2nd year £1250
    3rd year £1500
    n/a Free three year 16-25 railcard (normally costing £130) student discount card, £100 saving on ASUS laptops
    The co-operative bank Standard student account 1st year £1400
    2nd year £1700
    3rd year £2000
    9.9% £100 cheque guarantee card

    As I mentioned earlier, The co-operative bank’s Standard student account offers highest guaranteed overdraft, although Halifax potentially could offer you more depending on your circumstances.
    HSBC offer a really low authorised overdraft rate at 3.6% and Santander implement a steady yearly increase in their overdraft limits, which could help with your budgeting.
    Most providers lure in potential customers with the allure of freebies, but are these just a distraction?

    Freebies and offers

    One of the most important things to remember when looking for a student account, is to not be drawn in by freebies.
    These may look good at a glance, but you should first consider your overdraft limit before you get mesmerised by the potential additional goodies.
    Saying that, some providers offer some decent incentives that could really help your finances at Uni.
    The best of the bunch is NatWest’s five year 16-25 railcard, which you get when you sign up for their student current account.This is really useful, as it saves you 1/3 off rail travel and is worth £130.
    So the bottom line is, there’s no secret answer to choosing the best student bank account because it completely depends on your individual financial needs.
    However, keeping in your overdraft limit and reading the full terms and conditions of your account before signing up, could mean the difference between a financially smooth first year at Uni or a dangerous plunge into the depths of financial uncertainty.
    After all, one bad financial decision now could have negative repercussions on your money for the rest of your life.